A price change that’s not just an increase!

By popular demand, we’re changing the pricing structure for Lil Regie! This will take effect on the evening of Sunday 19 July.

We’re still keeping the same, easy to understand, flat-fee model, but we’re tweaking it to reflect the variety of events and ticket prices being offered by our customers.

The pricing is now based on how much an attendee pays to register for your event, rather than on whether your event is a free or paid event.

Our new prices will be as follows:

Where an attendee pays $25 or under (including free registrations)
$1 / person (GST ex)

Where an attendee pays between $25 and $100
$2 / person (GST ex)

Where an attendee pays more than $100
$5 / person (GST ex)

Reasons for the change

There are a lot of events run with a ticket price of under $100. Our old pricing of $4 per person meant we weren’t serving our customers as well as we could have, regularly receiving feedback like “$4 per person is a lot when we’re only charging $20!”. We’ve listened to this, and made the change to remedy that.

There is a $1 increase for registrations over $100. This is the first increase we’ve made in price, ever, and it reflects the work we’ve put into making Lil Regie more comprehensive, more robust, more stable and better able to help you run your event(s). In the last 18 months, amongst other things, we’ve added waitlisting,comprehensive pre-publish testing, the ability to register from within your admin screen, the check in module, easier export of data and enhanced analytics and reporting. And we’ve got a whole lot more exciting stuff coming!

Your current live events

For each live event you’ve published prior the change to the new price structure, you’ll have the option to:

a) move to this new pricing
b) keep the old pricing.

It’s entirely up to you!

By default we’ll leave these current events on the old fee structure, so if you’re happy with that you don’t have to do anything. If you do wish to change to the new fee structure, please email mike@lilregie.com and we’ll make sure that happens.

All events published after the change will be charged according to the new pricing.

Thanks heaps for using Lil Regie, and we hope this change will make your event-organising life that much more effective!