Lil Regie

What do we do?

We’re an online event registration and ticketing platform that aims to take out the stress of managing and setting up event bookings, allowing you to concentrate on running an awesome event!

We built Lil Regie with two aims in mind. Firstly, to help organisers of events, and secondly to provide an experience that was as pain-free and delightful as we could make it for those registering. Yes, we know that ‘filling in a form’ and ‘delightful experience’ are not things that go together — but we’re trying!

So what does that mean?

For you as an organiser - we’re aiming to keep the interface simple, but functional; so easy to handle that you can set up event booking pages and push them live without prior training or help from others. All communications go out automatically. Statistics and dashboards give you a good overview of how bookings are going. In the admin section you’ll find everything you need to manage all your bookings, attendees and numbers. The check in app will help you at the door. Our native integrations such as Xero, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor & Google analytics will help you with the rest.

If you ever get stuck or have any questions, our team is happy to answer them via various outlets — chat, email or phone or online help centre — whether you’re running a small or big event, we’re here to help.

For attendees — We want to keep the registration process as short and crisp as possible — no account creation, no thinking of another password that you won’t remember anyway the next time around. We also want to eliminate buyer frustration — the frustration that arises when you’ve gone through a lengthy registration process just to find that you have to pay more than the event was advertised at. Why? Because various fees get handed over to you at the very last step of the checkout process. No one likes that!

Single use ticket

We just wanted to run our conference…

Mike, one of Lil Regie’s founders, was also a co-founder of Webstock - a conference for the web industry, that started in 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand. Webstock has now grown to an event that attracts some 850 attendees each year (that’s huge for NZ =). Frustrated with using clunky, badly-designed registration systems for the first two Webstocks, Mike & Tash (also co-founder of Lil Regie and Webstock) decided to build their own registration system. And that’s how Lil Regie got started!

Lovingly crafted in NZ since 2009

So we’ve been at it since 2009 – all our development and support is New Zealand based with team members in Wellington and Auckland. In 2018 we’ve gone international offering our services in 30+ currencies worldwide.

Why did we call the company Lil Regie?

When we started using our software for our own event in 2009, we felt like a lot of manual work had been shifted off our shoulders - as if we had an additional little helper working in the background. Hence, when we decided to open the software up to the world in 2012, we thought we might as well give this little helper a face and a name. Thus, Lil Regie - your little registration helper - was born =)

Lil Regie Today

Today our platform is used by a wide range of companies local and overseas, big and small, including non profits, government bodies, associations, SMEs and many more. We have sold over hundreds of thousands of tickets through our platform with several million $$ of ticket turn over each year. We find that most of our customers keep coming back for 3 reasons: good customer service, easy to use interface & solid features at an affordable price.

A few things about us

Self funded

We’re bootstrapped, which means that we’ve grown without any outside investment. Our business has grown steadily over the years, based on a useful product and good customer relationships. We don’t aim at exponential growth, we rather prefer a self funded approach, with a steady stream of feature improvements and well executed additions.

Not every feature possible, but the ones that count

It’s a fine line between being a comprehensive solution with important core features and having software that is heavy, clunky and no longer user friendly. Hence, we don’t try to add every possible feature out there. We listen to our customers and if we find a feature that seems to be useful to a lot of our customers we will implement it. As we’re a small team, all involved in customer support, we usually can figure out where the shoe pinches.

Being selective about features pays off for our customers

An advantage of being selective about what features to implement, is that we can keep our development cost low and pass that on to our customers. So yes, you won’t find every feature out there in our solution, but you will get a lot for your money.

We care about customers big and small

We’re here to help you whenever you get stuck or have an “OMG what have I just done to that booking?!” moment. If you ever find yourself in a wee pickle, our team will help you out via various outlets – chat, email or phone, online help centre.

We care about a good work life balance

We care about our team and them having a good work-life balance. This hasn’t prevented us from working with large corporate companies and meeting their demands, though. Our customers and business partners range from small businesses to large corporate companies as well as government agencies, who have been using our services for years. To make this work we try to be really efficient and to prioritise our commitments right.