Nothing to pay until you sell tickets.

No credit card required. Fees only collected when you sell tickets.

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Lil Regie charges a flat fee per person registering for your event, based on the amount they pay.

$1 per person

When someone pays $25 or under
(including free registrations)

$2 per person

When someone pays more than $25 and up to $100

$5 per person

When someone pays more than $100

Payments through Lil Regie’s credit card processing

An additional processing fee of 2.75% applies for all credit card transactions made through this method. Lil Regie holds this credit card transaction money on your behalf until after the event, for security reasons. It is then paid out to you, minus our fees, within 48 hours.

Payments through invoice

There is no additional processing fee for invoice payments. These are paid directly into your own bank account.

Payments through other credit card processing facilities

You can also choose to accept payments by credit card through your own merchant account if you have one, or through Paypal, Stripe or PinPayments. They will attract their own additional processing charges.

All prices in NZD and exclusive of GST